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Sell more vehicles , Improve forever, and work with a company you trust. TOKYO Finance make it easier for overseas supplier and agent to sell to Malaysian dealers.

TOKYO Finance House is a specialist finance company for motor vehicle importers in Malaysia. As a pre-approved TOKYO Finance supplier, you`ll get the benefits of our loans to dealer.
We provide dealers with competitively. Priced funding. Which means they have the finance they need to buy more vehicles from you.

We fund dealers for vehicles already obtained AP. Which means you`ll be paid for your vehicles much faster. This also cut down vehicles the capital involve foe each vehicle.

Because you`ll be paid as soon as the vehicle get AP approval less capital more profit.

TOKYO Finance help reduce your credit risk and explosive to Malaysia dealers. Because we collect the payments from the dealer. You not longer have not worry about chasing dealers.

TOKYO Finance House make it easier to grow your business, reduce cost and keep your customers.

Suppliers frequently ask questions :

I am a supplier –can a get TOKYO Finance facility?

As a supplier, you`ll benefit from selling to AP holders with TOKYO Finance House to make the most of these benefits. You can encourage or even require your customer to use TOKYO Finance House.