Tokyo Finance are help you improve margins, increase profits and grow your stock.

Because we specialize in Finance for recondition car dealers. We really understand the market and what your business need to grow.

Are you an AP holder ? Or a car dealer ? .Please REGISTER with us and you will have access to finance for your cars.

This frees up your cash flow and lets you purchase vehicles from multiple suppliers. Without having to rely on a single vender simply because they provide finance.

With more cash available, you `ll be able to negotiate better deals with supplier and you won`t need to rely or any one supplier to import on your behalf.

It also means you are not exposed to currency fluctuations. Once you`ve drawn down the funds to pay for your vehicle. all our funding is involved in Ringgit Malaysia. That means you`ll know the car exact CIF value.

You can also choose from a wide range of suppliers. So that the saving really start to add up.

AP holders or car dealers frequently – Asked questions:

Am I eligible for a TOKYO Finance loan?

・Getting a Tokyo finance loan is simple. You`ve eligible if you.

・Are you an AP holder.

・Have had least three year in the motor vehicles industry.

・have your own retail showroom.

・Have a reasonable credit history.


How much will I be able to borrow?

Get your business moving quickly with our low documents “Express Function”. This function for up to RM 700k is perfect to first time customers.

When we`re happy with your performance and you `re happy with our service. We can tailor a credit limit to suit the size and turnover of your business. Alternatively, if you are looking to really kick things into high gear, you many wish to apply for a lager credit limit straight any by providing the standard financial information, most lender will ask for, when setting up a loan facility.